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Over  22 million households in the UK rely on their Central Heating System to give them a comfortable home and plenty of hot water. Russell Surveying Services will help you get the best from your Plumbing and Central Heating System. Russell Surveying Services offer an independent service of advice and guidance on how to get the best from your  Central Heating System and what to do if your existing Central Heating System is not performing to your expectations or is not Energy Efficient. Russell Surveying Services can undertake an Energy Efficiency Audit of your Home and identify improvements for consideration. Russell Surveying Services offer a service of Central Heating and Plumbing Surveys to identify and record the condition of your Central Heating and Plumbing systems to aid those who are going to sell or buy a property in determining the costs entailed for either essential or modernisation work that may impact on the value of the property. Russell Surveying Services can inspect and evaluate work programming for Home Owners and Landlords to help budget for maintenance or installation costs. Russell Surveying Services can Project Manage on your behalf and will find the most suitable Contractors with the best Quality Prices. Notification of the installation of Boilers, Oil Tanks and Hot Water Cylinders is a LEGAL requirement to comply with the Jersey Building Regulations and it is the responsibility of the Installer to notify the Planning Department of any installation they have undertaken. As the home owner, you should receive confirmation of notification from the Planning Department. If you have had a new or replacement Boiler, Oil Tank or Hot Water Cylinder installed, check with your Installer that the appropriate permission has been granted for this work and ask for official confirmation from the Planning Department.

Surveys, Inspection and Reports on the following:

Approved Domestic Energy Audits Oil Fired Boiler Installation, Maintenance and Failure. Central Heating System Design, Installation, Maintenance and Failure. Hot and Cold Water Design, Installation, Maintenance and Failure. Legionella Risk Assessment and Control of Hot and Cold Water Systems Hot Water Scalding Oil Pipe Installation Failure and Leakage Oil Tank Installation Maintenance and Failure Toxic Odors Due To Oil Pipe Leakage and Oil Firing Incomplete Combustion Site Investigations Project Management  Participation in Negotiation Litigation Case Opinions Mediation Comprehensive Written Reports Design and Engineering Consultation Technical Consulting Mechanical Code Interpretation and Consultation Labour Performance and Installation Review Assistance and Preparation to File a Complaint Assistance and Preparation with Answers to Complaints